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Bob Haro, born and raised in Southern California, is an inspirational designer, artist, athlete and entrepreneur. Bob, known today as the Father of Freestyle BMX Riding, is one of the few athletes in action sports to be recognized as an icon to the sport that he founded during the late 1970s. 

At age 19, Bob submitted his cartoon illustrations to BMX and motocross publications and thus began his career as an artist for BMX Action and Motocross Action magazines. His signature style became a regular addition to the pages of these notable periodicals and to innovative brands like OakleyJT RacingRedline and many more of that era.  

As his artistic ambitions developed, so did his skills as a BMX racer and freestyle rider. Bob, a former motocross racer and avid skateboarder, took his passion for these early extreme sports and meshed them together on his BMX bike to spearhead a totally new sport called Freestyle BMX.  

With newfound media attention and publicity for Bob’s innovative riding he was featured in many of the leading publications of that time. In 1981, he organized the first ever BMX Freestyle tour. He traveled over 13,000 miles in his branded team van while hauling ramps, a PA system, teammate Bob Morales and his brother Ron across the United States and Canada to promote this exciting, new California sport.  

During performances at BMX tracks, bike shops, malls, county fairgrounds and any place else people would allow them to show off their ramp riding skills, Bob evangelized kids from not only across this nation, but the world, to the sport that he had founded. 

As freestyle BMX grew in popularity so did Bob’s first company, Haro Bikes. From his humble beginnings of designing and manufacturing BMX specific products like number plates, brake levers and t-shirts, Bob took his creative passions and merged them with his interest in BMX to develop the first ever freestyle bike, appropriately named, the Haro Freestyler. With it he launched the category of Freestyle BMX into cycling and laid the foundation for one of the most successful BMX brands in the world today – Haro Bikes

In 1993 Bob sold Haro Bikes and is no longer associated with the brand.

BMX was introduced into the Olympics in 2008 and Nike partnered with Bob as a designer and spokesperson for their BMX team apparel program. Bob designed the official team uniforms, logos and worked as a spokesperson for Nike on their 2008 and 2012 Olympic efforts. 

The 2012 Olympics brought with them more involvement from Bob when he was hired as a choreographer for the Opening Ceremonies in London by Academy Award winning director, Danny Boyle. Bob was accredited with choreographing the closing scene in the ceremonies with the Dove riders. 

Red Bull had also looked to Bob's creative talents for their 2012 & 2013 exclusive BMX racing event called the Red BullRevolution that was held in Berlin, Germany. He also served as an event VIP and his new brand IKONIX was a sponsor, as well. 

Today, Bob is liked, followed and viewed by thousands across the world through FacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram, and other social media sites. From new-school to old-school - BMX’ers around the world revere him and his continued contributions to the sport of BMX. 

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